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Quality Products and Service

ProTinting (formally owned and operated by Window Tinting Associates) is committed to offering the most modern methods of installation and quality customer service in today’s industry. Our team only uses top of the line Automotive Film that comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you own the car.  Our team of qualified experts has over two decades of installation experience in the industry, serving all of Los Angeles and Orange County areas. 

Benefits Of Tinting

                                              Home.  Commercial.  Residential

  • 99% UV Protection (eyes and vehicle interior, higher resale)
  • 30-50% Heat Reduction (depending on the type of application)
  • Safety – helps contain shattering glass in case of an accident
  • Appealing Looks (it looks great)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Up to 79% Heat Reduction (saves energy, lowers bills
  • 99% UV Protection (protects furniture, rugs, drapes, wood)
  • Comfort (eye protection, reduces sun glare)
  • Higher Productivity (fights eye fatigue in business or home)
  • Safety (helps contain broken glass, can deter theft)
  • Patented SR Coating (strongest and most durable in the industry)
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ProTinting is a service division owned and operated by East Whittier Glass & Mirror Co.